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Master’s degrees can be an excellent opportunity to advance your knowledge—or gain the necessary knowledge and skills to pivot into a new field, among a range of other benefits.

On Coursera, learning “stacks” together so you can build toward the educational outcome that's best for you. For instance, you can enroll in pre-approved courses, Specializations, and certificates to first determine whether the subject is a good choice for your unique needs and goals. If you decide to apply to the full master’s program and are admitted, the progress you’ve made may count as credit toward your degree. 

Below, you'll find information about some of the master's degrees available to earn through Coursera using this stackable approach, including:

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World-Class Learning

Learn from leading professors and experts in your subject area. You’ll find that the curriculum emphasizes skills development and practical, real-world applications so you’re prepared to achieve your career goals.  

Affordable and Flexible

Choose the program that’s right for your goals, lifestyle, and budget. Take advantage of the ability to access a world-class education, while learning around your other responsibilities and commitments.

Interactive and Engaging

Degree programs on Coursera are powered by technology that helps you foster meaningful connections with your faculty and peers. "Not only did I learn valuable skills through the iMBA program, [but] I also gained useful knowledge from my fellow colleagues,” said Kira, who graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s iMBA program.

Earn Credit Before You Apply

With select degree partners on Coursera, you can begin learning by enrolling in an open course. That way, you get to decide whether the subject matter and the online learning experience fit your needs and schedule. If you choose to apply to the full degree program, your progress may count toward your overall degree requirements upon admission.

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